What To Do If Your Washer Is Not Working

Most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about their washer and dryer, but you'll stop taking them for granted pretty quickly the moment something stops working. If it's your washer that is no longer up to doing its job, you'll have to take some time to figure out what went wrong. Here are some things you can take a look at that might help get your washer back up and running again. Read More 

Quick Fixes And Preventable Problems With Microwaves

Microwaves are one of the most convenient appliances introduced in the last century. Almost every home and every kitchen in America now has a microwave, and since they are so affordable, they are one of the many small appliances a lot of college-bound kids take with them every year. However, microwaves are not designed to last forever without maintenance. The glass turntables break, the casings get dented, etc. In fact, there are microwave repair shops that can handle these issues, but there are also some quick fixes and preventable problems you can manage on your own. Read More 

How To Take Care Of Your Glass Top Range

One of the great aspects of a glass top range is that the burners are not recessed. You don't have to worry about dropping food down by the burners and having to clean and remove the coils and deal with drip pans. However, that doesn't mean that glass top ranges don't require a little care and attention. You are going to want to take steps to make sure that you keep your glass top ranges nice and clean. Read More 

Dishwasher Not Washing Dishes? 3 Common Causes

Like the name suggests, your dishwasher is meant to wash dishes, so noticing food residue and splotches on your dishes, utensils, pans, and glasses should be a cause for concern. In some instances, dirty dishes after running through your dishwasher may be a simple issue. Unfortunately, dirty dishes after running a cycle may indicate a more alarming problem. Here are a few common reasons why your dishes are dirty after washing in your dishwasher. Read More 

Three Reasons To Replace An Air Conditioner Filter In The Spring

Your air conditioner's air filters are a small but essential part of the appliance, as they work to keep dust, dirt, and other airborne debris and contaminants--which can clog up your system and cause malfunctions--out of the unit. This means that a clogged or full air filter can have a number of negative effects on your air conditioner. Understanding what those effects are and why it's important to check and replace your air filter in the spring, before the summer heat sets in and your air conditioning system sees a great deal of use, can help you keep your unit in good working order. Read More