What To Do If Your Washer Is Not Working

Most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about their washer and dryer, but you'll stop taking them for granted pretty quickly the moment something stops working. If it's your washer that is no longer up to doing its job, you'll have to take some time to figure out what went wrong. Here are some things you can take a look at that might help get your washer back up and running again.

An Electrical Problem

What is the first troubleshooting step for just about every device on the planet? That's right, make sure it's plugged in. But if the washer hasn't accidentally jostled the plug while in operation, you still could be dealing with an electrical issue. Washers use a lot of power while in operation, and it's possible a circuit has been blown. Try flipping the switch in your breaker box and see if that will get things running again.

It's Technically On, But Where Is the Water?

Did you ever turn the washing machine on, hear it hum into action, and then realize as you begin sorting your clothes that no water is filling the basin? It's time to check your water valves. Most washers have a lever that will turn the water supply on or off. Make sure your valves are in the on position. If that's not it, it's possible there could be a blockage in the valves themselves. For this, you might be better off contacting a professional who can offer washer repair services.

What's That Sound?

Your washer will of course make noise while in operation, but if you hear some louder vibrations or a clunking sound going on, something is clearly wrong. One common problem that could be an easy fix is a washer that has been overloaded or loaded unevenly. Remove all of the clothes and try again, making sure there is an equal amount of weight on all sides within the basin. If the sound doesn't seem to be coming from the clothes, you could again be dealing with a clog in a valve or in the pump or drainage lines. Another possibility is that you have some loose change or another foreign object that you forgot to remove from your clothes and now it's gotten into the works. Fix the situation if you can, or reach out for professional help if needed.

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