How To Take Care Of Your Glass Top Range

One of the great aspects of a glass top range is that the burners are not recessed. You don't have to worry about dropping food down by the burners and having to clean and remove the coils and deal with drip pans. However, that doesn't mean that glass top ranges don't require a little care and attention. You are going to want to take steps to make sure that you keep your glass top ranges nice and clean.

With glass top ranges, if anything spills on your range, and you don't clean it off right away, it can get burned onto the range. Spills can also leave behind stains when they are not cleaned up immediately.

Luckily, stains and burns can easily be removed from your glass top range if you have the right supplies and follow the right steps.

Only Clean When Your Stovetop Is Cool

Don't clean your stovetop when it is still hot or warm at all. Wait for the stovetop to complete cool before you clean it, or clean the stovetop before you start cooking and using your stove for the day.

Use White Vinegar & Baking Soda

Take some white vinegar and put it into a spray bottle. This will make the vinegar easier to use. Spray the white vinegar evenly over the surface of your stovetop. Then, take some baking soda and sprinkle the baking soda over the top of the white vinegar.

The white vinegar and the baking soda will react together, bubbling, and fizzing. This is exactly what you want to happen. The baking soda and vinegar will help loosen up burnt on food and will help remove stains from your stovetop.

Cover with a Hot Towel

Do not wipe the vinegar and baking soda off. Instead, take a few hot towels and place the towels in steaming hot water. Ring the towels out, then lay them over your stove. Leave the towels there for ten to fifteen minutes. The steam, moisture, and hotness will help work to remove the remaining junk from your stovetop.

After 10 to 15 minutes pass, use the towels to scrub your stovetop with. You may need to wring out the towels and get them wet a few times.

Handle Tricky Spots With a Razor Blade

If there are any tricky burnt on spots that just doesn't seem to be coming off, when your stovetop is still wet from the towels and cleaning solution, take a razor blade and gently remove the burned on food.

Once you have done a good deep cleaning and wiped the stove top, spritz it once more with the white vinegar and wipe the stove top clean for a nice, polished, and clean finish.

In the event that you find yourself in need of appliance repairs, contact a local appliance repair professional.