Three Reasons To Replace An Air Conditioner Filter In The Spring

Your air conditioner's air filters are a small but essential part of the appliance, as they work to keep dust, dirt, and other airborne debris and contaminants--which can clog up your system and cause malfunctions--out of the unit. This means that a clogged or full air filter can have a number of negative effects on your air conditioner. Understanding what those effects are and why it's important to check and replace your air filter in the spring, before the summer heat sets in and your air conditioning system sees a great deal of use, can help you keep your unit in good working order. Read More 

Putting Your Home On The Market For Rent? Here’s How You Can Quickly Attract Tenants

You need to occupy your rental home quickly after putting it on the market, or you risk losing money each day that the place sits empty. But with all the competition out there, it can be tough to quickly attract tenants. Here are a few things you can do to increase interest in your home so it gets rented fast: Offer a Few Convenience Perks A great way to drum up interest in your home rental is to offer a few perks that will enhance convenience for your tenants while living on your property. Read More 

Dryer Broken? 3 Things To Consider When It Comes To Repairs

When it comes to doing laundry, a clothes dryer is a must for many households. While it is possible to hang dry clothing, it's time consuming and can be very difficult depending on the weather. Dryers are something that many people use on a daily basis. With all of the use that this appliance gets, eventually it will need either repair or replacement. For those who are struggling with a broken dryer, here are three things to consider before calling an appliance repair service. Read More 

Food Not Cooking Right? Two Reasons Your Oven Isn’t Cutting It

When you put food in your oven, you expect it to come out evenly cooked. You don't expect to put in a pizza and end up with half the pizza with burned patches and the other half of the pizza with un-melted cheese. Here are two things you can check out that may help your oven start cooking your food evenly again. #1 Convection Motor In order for the inside of your oven to heat up properly, there is a convection motor that is set-up to drive a convection fan. Read More 

Why Has Your Refrigerator Lost Efficiency?

Have your energy bills gone up even though you have not made any big changes to your home? Do you suspect that your refrigerator is to blame? There are a number of reasons why a fridge may lose efficiency over the years. Even if your fridge started off very energy-efficient, it could be burning through far more energy if it is affected by any of these ailments. Dirty Coils The condenser coils in most refrigerators are exposed on the back of the fridge, so they tend to collect dust over time. Read More