Washer Filling With Water? What You Can Do

If your washing machine collects with water when not in use, it means water is backing up into your washing machine. This sewage can begin to smell and cause odors in your machine, or even cause your clothing to smell. This water that collects may be happening because you have a clog somewhere in your drain. Clearing this clog is important because the water in your machine can eventually overflow and make a mess onto your floors, especially if you have a front-loading machine. If you have water collecting in your machine, read on for what you can do.

Bail Out The Water Or Drain It Out

Remove the standing water by bailing it out with a bucket or a cup, or using the drain setting on your machine to get the water completely out of the washtub. You need to get all of the water out so you can begin the process of clearing the clog in the drain. If you have a lot of water and you cannot get it to drain out, use a submersible pump to remove the water from the washtub.

Remove The Drain Hose

Once you have the water out, remove the drain hose from the washing machine and inspect it. If you aren't able to get water through the hose itself, the drain hose needs to be replaced. This hose can accumulate with debris such as lint or hair, much like your lint filter in the dryer. If the drain hose is clogged, you may also have a clog further out in the drain as well, and you should snake the drain.

Snake The Drain

While you have the hose removed, you should snake the drain to be sure you don't have any clogs further out in the drain itself. Use a drain to snake it out and remove any debris caught inside. If you are removing a lot of debris, you should use a longer snake to get all of the debris out as far as you can get. You can also use a drain-clearing liquid to help remove the clogged material. Once you've removed the clog, replace the drain hose.

Test The Drain

Once you're finished, you can test your washing machine to be sure it is draining as it should. Keep an eye out for water coming back into the washing machine itself after you've run a cycle. If you continue to have water in your washtub, you may have a bigger problem and should hire a professional appliance repair service for help.

If you have water collecting in your washing machine, it can be full of bacteria, not to mention the odors that may also come with it. Hire an appliance service company to help service your machine and to get it working properly. For more information about washer and dryer repair, contact a local repair technician.