Specifications To Help You Choose Your First Hot Tub

Once you walk into a luxury hot tub store, you could be thinking that the best way to whittle down your options is by focusing on hot tubs that fit within your budget. Admittedly, this is a great way to ensure you do not spend more than you had initially planned. Nonetheless, this does not guarantee that you will be satisfied with your choice for the long term.

As with most appliances, hot tub features keep evolving. Hence, rather than simply buying an appliance that allows you to enjoy a relaxing soak with friends and family, you should deliberate on specs that will enhance the usability of this appliance. To help you make a confident decision, here are some specifications you can consider when choosing your first hot tub.

Materials and Construction of The Exterior 

Not many buyers pay close attention to the exterior of the hot tub as they are focusing their attention on the interior capabilities of this appliance. Yet, the exterior panels do not only directly impact the visual appeal of the hot tub but will also influence the degree of upkeep that this appliance will require. With that said, you may want to divert your attention from exteriors made from solid wood, as this material will be highly susceptible to moisture damage and rot if not accorded rigorous upkeep.

A better material to consider would be PVC exterior panels, as this material is water-resistant. Moreover, PVC exteriors are available in a vast selection of hues and textures, so you are assured of finding a hot tub that will match the appearance of your home. As a bonus, choose exterior panels with a sliding mechanism, as this simplifies access for technicians that come to service the hot tub.

Lighting Design

The lighting design that comes with your chosen hot tub will influence both the aesthetic value of the hot tub as well as its safety. Therefore, you must know what to look for before you can decide which hot tub will be ideal for your needs. The first thing specification to prioritize is the placement of the lights. Bulbs mounted at the bottom of the hot tub, on the sides, and on the edge will ensure optimum visibility whenever this appliance is in use. Consequently, there is a decreased risk of slip and fall accidents.

Secondly, consider purchasing a hot tub that comes with customizable LED lights. This option design provides you with the flexibility to change the brightness and hue of the lighting, which helps with setting the mood of your hot tub to suit the moment. For instance, you could opt for a dim, soft glow for a romantic setting and bright, warm light for a party.

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