Putting Your Home On The Market For Rent? Here’s How You Can Quickly Attract Tenants

You need to occupy your rental home quickly after putting it on the market, or you risk losing money each day that the place sits empty. But with all the competition out there, it can be tough to quickly attract tenants. Here are a few things you can do to increase interest in your home so it gets rented fast:

Offer a Few Convenience Perks

A great way to drum up interest in your home rental is to offer a few perks that will enhance convenience for your tenants while living on your property. Stock an outdoor shed with gardening tools, and lawnmower, and soil. Plant a vegetable garden so your tenants can grow free food and save money throughout the year. You can also:

  • Incorporate a barbecue grill and lounge area into your landscape design.

  • Fence at least a small part of the yard to increase pet and child safety.

  • Enhance the landscape with solar lights so the yard can be enjoyed at night.

  • Have book shelves built into the living room or study.

Make sure that any convenience perk you include in your rental is pointed out when showing the home to potential renters so they don't overlook anything when considering the pros and cons of moving in.

Improve Overall Security

Give potential tenants peace of mind in knowing that their family will be safe while living in your rental home over time. Install a security camera and integrated smart system that will allow tenants to monitor the home when nobody is there. Install a gate at the entrance of the driveway that can be locked and unlocked at will. Plant trees and shrubs around the house to provide extra privacy from passersby. And install keyless entry systems on the doors so renters don't have to worry about losing their keys.

Update Your Appliances

Renters don't typically own their own appliances, because they are expensive and bulky so it's hard to store them between renting homes. Making sure that properly working appliances are provided in the kitchen and laundry room is a surefire way to increase interest among prospective tenants and get your home rented out quickly. For example, getting in touch with refrigerator repair services to make sure your refrigerator is running in peak condition is a great idea.

If your home isn't already outfitted with appliances, buy them used to save some money on upfront costs. Then have your service provider inspect each piece before installing them in the house. Your technician will tune everything up to ensure optimal performance and catch any small problems that are present so they can be repaired before tenants start using them. Once tuned up and repaired, you can apply a coat of appliance epoxy paint to each piece to make them look new again.