3 Reasons Your Washer May Be Leaking Water

Ideally, you should be able to throw clothing into your washer and just let it do its job. However, if you start to discover water on the floor after you using your washing machine, you are going to need to take action to stop the leaking water before it damages your home. Here are the first three things you should check on if your home is leaking water.

#1 Door Seal

The first place you should check is the door seal. This is called the rubber bellows and is the ring that goes around the door on your washing machine. If this ring has begun to crack or rip, it may no longer be capable of keeping water inside of your washing machine and water may be leaking out while it is in use. You may see a stream or line of water dripping out of the door of your washing machine.

To fix this, you are going to want to first attempt to clean the rubber bellows around the door of your washer and smooth them out to see if that fixes the issue. If that doesn't fix the issue, you may need to order and install a new seal.

#2 Water Inlet Valve

If the water is leaking out of the back of your washing machine, the issue may be the water inlet valve. This valve is responsible for allowing water into and out of your machine. It is what regulates the cold and hot water that flows into your machine.

First, check and make sure that this valve, located on the back of your washing machine near the water lines, is tight and secure. Tighten it up with a wrench if it is loose. If it is tight and secure, but you see water leaking out of the back of your machine, you may need to order a new water intake valve and swap it out with the old one on your machine.

#3 Water Pump

Finally, it may be the mechanism that pumps the water out of your machine after it has been used to clean your clothes that needs replaced or repaired. This is a more complex repair, as it could be that the drive belt is broken, the hose is damaged or an electrical issue has arisen with the pump. If you suspect that it the pump is the issue, and the water leaking out is soapy and coming from the bottom of your machine, you are going to want to call in a washer repair technician to fix the machine for you. 

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