RV Appliance Repair: How to Prevent Vacation Disruption Through Quick Repair

When you think about appliance services, you generally do not think of appliances and RVs. Truth is, an RV is just a home on wheels. There is a bathroom, a refrigerator, a stove, a mobile septic system of sorts, air conditioning, and electricity. The only difference is that you have to be connected to an RV park's outlets before you know that you have a non-functioning appliance in the RV. When that happens, here is what you can do to prevent your vacation time from being ruined.

Look up RV Repair Shops 

When you take your RV on vacation, it helps to look up RV repair shops in advance. If anything does go wrong with your stove or refrigerator, you already know where the next repair shop is. Then you can call ahead, schedule the repair, and explore the area while the shop fixes the malfunctioning appliance. 

Carry Roadside Assistance Insurance with Traveler's Perks

Roadside assistance benefit cards carry discounts on hotels, motels, and restaurants. While you would rather be staying in your RV, you may have to spend a night in a hotel or motel while the RV is in the repair shop. Having the roadside assistance membership with traveler's perks reduces this unexpected expense by discounting your repair expenses on the RV, and reducing your expense to stay in a hotel/motel overnight. Many restaurants also accept the membership card for a ten percent reduction on your dinner.

Bring Your Car Along for the Ride

When you plan ahead and bring your car in tow, you are not stranded in the same town as your RV. You are free to continue your travels and explore while the RV is in the shop. If you have done your RV repair shop homework, then you can also list some tourist attractions near each RV repair shop, if it comes down to that.

Perform Pre-Trip Prevention

Since your RV appliances could be fine when you store the RV in the fall and then not work the next time you drive the RV, it may be a good idea to have it checked out before you leave on vacation. Not everyone does this because nobody expects a perfectly functioning RV to suddenly have a non-functioning refrigerator or stove. It will save on monetary headaches and vacation disappointments if you know that the RV is ready to go and will not have any malfunctions on the road.